MAC Addresses

Each Wii has it’s own MAC address. These addresses are core to identifying different Wii’s, both to the other Wii’s and to LetterBomb.

For LetterBomb to work, the Wii’s MAC address must be embedded in the exploit file for the Wii to to recognize it.

MAC addresses are 12 bytes in length, and look like this:



LetterBomb will accept any valid Wii MAC address formats that match this regular expression:


In other words, it must contain only A-F or 0-9, and be 12 characters in length.


All valid Wii MAC addresses must also start with one of the sequences in an OUI list registered to Nintendo.

Run the included to retrieve the newest copy of this list.


If your MAC address is "0017AB999999", you are using an emulator such as Dolphin. The [INFO] log entry should tell you how to resolve this.

For more information regarding the MAC address in other contexts, read: