To fully install LetterBomb start to finish, ensure your Wii meets the requirements set out in Limitations.

This guide also assumes you are using WhoAteMyButter’s implementation of LetterBomb, and not the original website.

  1. Get your Wii’s MAC address and region

  2. Prepare SD/SDHC card

    1. Make sure it is not an SDXC card; it must be SD or SDHC

    2. If any data is on it, backup that data

    3. Format the SD card to either FAT16 or FAT32


    SDXC cards will not be recognized by the Wii. Only SD and SDHC cards are. Verify this before using the card.

  3. Install LetterBomb

    • The easiest way to do this is by running this in a shell/terminal:

    python3 -m pip install -U letterbomb
  4. Ensure it’s installed

    1. Open a Python shell:

    1. Import LetterBomb and get its’ package version

    import letterbomb
    1. Verify the version matches the version you downloaded

  1. Run it through CLI

    • Exit out of the previous shell with exit()

    • Run:

    python3 -m letterbomb <MAC address from step 1.1> <region from step 1.2> -o <filename of zip> -b


    The ZIP archive patch can be either relative or absolute. .., ~, and other shortcuts are allowed.

  2. Extract resulting ZIP archive to the SD card

    • Open the archive with any compatible program (7zip, WinRAR, Ark, etc.)

    • Extract the entire archive contents directly to the SD card

  3. Verify extraction is completed

    • Ensure you extracted the exploit correctly, the card’s contents should have the files & folders shown below:

      • Note: The above images’ specific dates, IDs, and timestamps do not need to match; only the general structure

    • Eject the SD card safely

  4. Insert SD card

    • Turn off your Wii first

    • Remove the card from the computer and insert it into the Wii’s SD slot until you hear a click

      • See below image on where this slot is:

  5. Boot Wii and run exploit

    • Start your Wii normally

    • Navigate towards the message board

    • Scroll through the dates until you find a red mail icon with a bomb inside of it

    • Select the letter

    • Install HomeBrew and/or BootMii